You’ve Worked a Long Time – Save Even More in Retirement

Let’s face it, if you are at the retirement age or even close, you’ve worked a really long time. You are likely ready to enjoy it, but once you stop working, you’ll also have to watch your money a little closer.

Retirement is the time of your life that you should be saving everywhere you can.

Save on Everything

Take advantage of your age. Getting older can actually save you money on almost everything you do. Many restaurants, travel excursions, grocery stores, and even clothing stores offer savings for those who meet certain age requirements. If you are in retirement, you likely meet those requirements!

Take yourself out to a meal once in a while. Save when you splurge by going to restaurants that honor your age by offering you discounts. You can even travel the world for less than someone younger than you. Many hotels, airlines, and cruises offer exclusive discounts just for seniors.

Some of these deals are tied to membership savings for those who are AARP members, but simply asking can get many places to honor the price if you are not a member.

In retirement, you have more flexibility on when you can travel which will save you money as well. Take your trips during off-peak seasons and cheaper days to fly and stay.

Save on Major Expenses

Aside from the everyday things you can save on, don’t forget the things you pay for every month of the year. If you’ve had the same mortgage, it may be time to check the rates and see if you qualify for special programs you didn’t in your younger years. This can save you thousands per year.

Many auto insurance providers will also offer discounts based on your age. Just as you’ve been working a long time to get to retirement, you’ve also been driving a long time. Check with your provider and others to be sure you are getting the best rate based on your current age.

Medical savings in retirement is also very important. In retirement, you may qualify for additional medical savings for your care and prescriptions. Don’t assume that the rate they bill or that you are paying is the best price you can get.

Call your provider and talk with your pharmacists about programs or savings for seniors.