Today’s Deals: Star Wars Squadrons, Paramount Plus and More


Ready to save money and enjoy the finer things at the same time? Let’s dice into today’s best deals and enjoy the savings!

Star Wars Squadrons

Sitting behind the controls of your X-Wing, you see a wing of enemy TIE Fighters cresting the top of the nearby capital ship. One of them is equipped with Proton Bombs and is prepared to disable the shields of your command ship, a development that will surely lead to your squad losing this battle. You punch your engines into high gear and begin to draw a bead on the bomber’s escort ships, calling for your team to swoop in and intercept this deadly run.

This isn’t just a fun fantasy: it’s a moment of gameplay in EA’s unparalleled starfighter game, Star Wars Squadrons. Chief among the game’s best features is its low price, and it’s on sale now for $21 over at Newegg. For the hours of starfighting fun you’re sure to have with this title, just over $20 is a steal.

The game also supports VR, which makes it one of the most immersive Star Wars experiences on the market. A VR headset and a flight stick, together, make you feel like you’re really at the controls of your very own starfighter, ready to take on anything the enemy throws at you.

Paramount Plus

The new Viacom streaming platform, Paramount Plus, is now live. If you’re interested in checking it out but don’t want to spend any more money on a streaming service, then you can get a month free through Amazon. After the first free month, you’ll be on the hook for the cost of the service: $6 per month. You can cancel before that, if you don’t feel like keeping the service.

The streaming service was previously called “CBS All Access,” and it most known for being the home of the new Star Trek series that are carrying the torch for the legendary franchise.

Switch Lite Deal

Maybe you want to get a Switch to play the newest Nintendo games, but you’re not sure if you can afford $300 for the system. Well, right now you can get the $200 Switch Lite at Best Buy and get a $20 gift card for your purchase. You can turn around and use that on whatever game you want, setting you up with a great handheld gaming experience that will cost you $120 less than the same purchase on a full-sized Switch would run you!