Today’s Deals: SD Cards, Wireless Earbuds, and More


 Looking for the best deals from around the web? Well, we’ve got them right here! Let’s take a look at today’s steepest savings.

Lexar Memory Cards

Our first deal is on micro memory cards from Lexar. While Lexar’s not quite as well-known as SanDisk, they still make excellent memory cards. If you’re a photographer, a filmmaker, or an artist, you might need plenty of memory cards to keep up with all of your files. Or, you might just be a gamer with a Nintendo Switch who needs more memory for your video games.

If this sounds like you, then you could absolutely make use of this great deal from Amazon. Lexar’s memory cards are on sale for up to 35% off right now over at Amazon. If you’re looking for more storage, grab this deal before it’s gone!

KMOUK Earbuds

Wireless earbuds aren’t just a great piece of technology that keeps you from needing to untangle wires all the time, they’re also somewhat of a necessity for anyone with a modern smartphone. Smartphone manufacturers have largely moved away from the old-school 3.5mm auxiliary jack that was a common sight on handheld technology for decades.

While this was largely in the name of streamlining design profiles and shoring up waterproof phone casings, it’s still had the knock-on effect of making budget headphones much harder to find. After all, who sells budget Bluetooth headphones? As it turns out, KMOUK does. If you’re looking for an inexpensive pair of wireless earbuds, you’re in luck: Amazon’s got a pair of KMOUK buds on sale for just $16.

To get this deal, you’ll need to use the code HQCCBAB8, which knocks 60% off of the MSRP for these great headphones. That’s more than half-off, an absolute steal for a new pair of wireless headphones.

Demon’s Souls PS5

Everyone’s favorite dark fantasy series, Dark Souls, didn’t get its start with the first game to bear that title. The first game in the “Souls” series was Demon’s Souls, a game released for the PS3 over a decade ago. A gorgeous remake of the original title is available now on PlayStation 5, and it’s one sale right now for $50.

Given that this title’s MSRP started it out at $70, $50 is an excellent price. You can grab this game for its discounted price from Target, either online or in-store. Make sure you act fast before this deal is gone!