Today’s Deals: ScoutPro Charger, Computer Chair, and More


Every week, we round up the best deals from around the web just for you! Here are the best deals we’ve found this week. Get ready to save some big bucks!

ScoutPro Charger

Do you find yourself always running out of battery power in all of your devices? If so, you need a reliable, durable backup battery. ScoutPro’s all-in-one charger is easily one of the best we’ve ever tried, and it offers more ways to charge than you even knew existed. It’s got USB-C ports, a USB-A port, wireless charging, and an eye-popping 24,000mAh of capacity.

That’s enough juice to keep all of your gadgets charged up for hours of continuous use. The ScoutPro is on sale for $99 at StackSocial right now, bringing it down to a full $100 off of its retail price. If that sounds like a lot for a backup battery, trust us: this is one of the best all-in-one chargers you’ll ever use.

Vertagear Computer Chairs

Vertagear’s having a big back-to-school sale on their excellent computer chairs, many of which are geared at PC gamers. However, a good computer chair is great for anyone who spends a lot of time parked in front of a computer screen. After all, good posture is critical for the long-term health of your spine!

The big sale at Vertagear’s site has numerous computer chairs discounted. The best part is, if you act fast, you can use the promo code LABOR10 to get another ten percent knocked off of your order. Considering how pricey good office chairs can be, every discount you can get is a huge help for both your back and your wallet! Act fast before this sale ends.

No More Heroes III

Even though the latest game in the No More Heroes series only just came out, it’s already on sale. The excellent hack-and-slash title is currently discounted by $10 over at Walmart, making it just $50 to pick up this excellent and unapologetically weird video game.

In No More Heroes, you take the role of Travis Touchdown, a foul-mouthed nerd who swings a beam sword around with reckless abandon. This time, Travis is facing off against a species of alien invaders bent on world domination. So, you know, just a regular day in the life of the world’s foremost assassin. The game is currently a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and the Walmart deal is just for the physical retail copy.