Today’s Deals: Luxury Sheets, Cosmetics, and More


If you want the best deals, you’re in luck: we’ve got them! Here are some of the best deals from around the internet.

My Sheets Rock

The simply-named “My Sheets Rock” brand speaks the truth. If you’re in the market for a new set of excellent bedsheets, then you should look no further than My Sheets Rock. Made from bamboo, they have a highly bright range of colors that looks crisp and striking.

These sheets are temperature-regulating thanks to their bamboo materials, making them cool and silky. Add to this their hypoallergenic design and extremely affordable price point, and you’ve got a winner. While you might expend a ton on sheets this nice, these only come in at $169, making them among the more affordable luxury bedsheets you’ll find online.

Huge Ulta Sale

Those looking to refill their makeup cabinet are in luck today. Beauty store Ulta is having a massive sale on all kinds of cosmetics from across their range. Any makeup enthusiasts will tell you that keeping your cabinet stocked can be extremely expensive. So, hunting for sales like this one is the best way to keep your bank account from emptying whenever you refill your makeup supplies.

 There’s everything from the $30 It Cosmetics No. 50 Serum Collagen Veil Anti-Aging Face Primer to the $9 KKW Beauty Nude Crème Lipstick. They’ve got customizable eye shadow palettes on sale for $13 and refills for those palettes for just $40 for a six-pack.

Make sure you move swiftly to get these deals, though. The supplies are not likely to last long!

Cuisinart 13-piece Bamboo Grill Set

Who doesn’t love grilling in the backyard during the summertime? If you’re looking to shore up your backyard cookout game, you’re in luck today. You can scoop up this excellent 13-piece grill set from Amazon for just $34 right now, making for a perfect summer grilling starter kit.

Having your buddies over to enjoy some meats and beers in the backyard is about as relaxing as it gets. While you’re at it, consider picking up a few other grilling accessories!

Cast Iron Wok

Like, for instance, an excellent cast iron wok from Weber. Cooking up stir fry is that much more fun when you’ve got the right tool for the job! The best thing about owning a wok is that it’s an incredibly flexible piece of cooking equipment. The Weber 7425 black wok is on sale at Amazon for just $70!