Today’s Deals: iPad Air, Xbox Live Gold and More


You want deals? We’ve got deals. Let’s check them out!

iPad Air

Tablets aren’t just for toddlers, you know. If you’re like pretty much everyone these days and find much of your leisure time is spent at home, on the couch, a tablet is an invaluable multimedia device. From watching Netflix or YouTube to answering emails to playing awesome tablet games on a huge screen, a tablet is just a much better entertainment slate than a smartphone. And, among tablets, one device reigns supreme: the iPad Air.

The reason everyone loves the iPad Air is because the screen is enormous but the device is super lightweight. It’s also very affordable, though it is a bit smaller than some of its bigger siblings. For aspiring digital artists or just those who want to play some Apple Arcade games, this is a great media slate.

Amazon has the excellent iPad Air in Sky Blue with 64 GB of storage marked down some $50, bringing it down to $549, one of the best prices we’ve seen on a modern Apple tablet. While the Apple Pencil isn’t included, it’s a peripheral we can recommend highly, especially for enterprising digital artists. Move fast before this deal is gone!

Xbox Live Gold Subscription

Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who managed to snag an Xbox Series X during their brief window of availability, or maybe you’re still gaming on your Xbox One. Either way, you’re going to need an Xbox Live Gold subscription if you want to play your favorite games online with your pals. That’s where this great deal comes in: only $50 for a year subscription to the service.

To get this deal, head over to Newegg and use the code EMCETEU53. That’ll get you this sweet discount, and you can get started tackling strikes in Destiny 2, online multiplayer in Call of Duty or just busting out sweet dance moves in Fortnite!

Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition

If you need a giant, awesome first-person shooter to go with your new Xbox Live subscription, you can grab Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe edition, with all of the DLC, for $20 over at Amazon. For the hours of wacky gun-collecting fun and co-op insanity that you’ll get out of this game, $20 is honestly a huge steal.

Make sure that you act fast and snag this one quickly, because this deal is sure to be gone before you know it!