Today’s Deals: Flatscreen TVs, Fire TV Cube, and More


If you’re in the market for new tech to make your living room even more modern, you’re in luck! Today we’ve got deals on everything from new flatscreen TVs to the cutting-edge Fire TV Cube. Let’s dive right into these discounts so you can get started saving right away! 

Toshiba 75-inch 4k TV

There’s nothing quite like upgrading to a massive 75-inch 4K TV. If you’ve been itching to play your new PS5 or Xbox Series X games in their native 4K resolution, this is the TV for you! Most streaming services also allow you to watch your favorite shows and movies in gorgeous 4K resolutions, so this is a great upgrade for any kind of TV fan.

You can get a 75-inch Toshiba TV on sale today from Amazon for just $700. That’s 50% off the display’s retail price, making this an eye-opening deal for anyone looking to upgrade their living room entertainment center. This deal is just for Amazon Prime members, though, so you’ll need to pay for a subscription before you can take advantage of this deal. However, saving $700 means the subscription will pay for itself!

Fire TV Cube

If you’re sick of fumbling around with your TV remote to find your favorite shows, it’s time to upgrade to a Fire TV Cube. These Alexa-enabled devices allow you to use voice commands to navigate your streaming services. If you want to watch something, just tell Alexa to turn on the show you’ve got in mind! 

If you’re ready to put typing with a TV remote behind you, you can upgrade to a Fire TV Cube for just $70 over at Amazon right now. You can even use it as a hub for all of your smart home gadgets if you don’t already have an Amazon Echo device!

Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4)

If you’re looking for a game to play on your new 4K TV, look no further than the newest Marvel game, Guardians of the Galaxy. Players control Star-Lord, the wise-cracking leader of the band of misfits, as he navigates the hostile galaxy in a search for money and fame. 

The game is single-player and narrative-driven, allowing players to get to know the Guardians as they adventure through the bizarre Marvel universe. Fan-favorite characters from the comics make tons of cameos, too! You can grab the game on sale from Amazon today for just $23, which is a huge discount from its $60 retail price.