Today’s Best Deals: Apple Watch, Galaxy Buds and Hitman 3


Today we’re checking out stellar deals on the Apple Watch Series 6, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds and the recently-released Hitman 3. Let’s get into the best deals you’ll find online today!

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 didn’t release that long ago: it dropped in Autumn of 2020, making it the newest entry in Apple’s excellent line of wearable tech. New tech in the Series 6, including a blood oxygen sensor, makes it among the most impressive health and fitness companions money can buy. Pair that wit the existing EKG sensor, accelerometer and advanced suit of fitness-tracking software, and you’ve got every runner’s favorite smartwatch.

The watch is also just a great piece of fashionable tech: it’s stylish, it works very well as a second-screen for your phone, and it helps you reduce your time spent scrolling by showing you notifications on your wrist instead of your phone demanding to be opened up. The best part is, the Series 6 is actually on sale right now over at Amazon!

The wi-fi only variant is on sale for $374, while the wi-fi and LTE-enabled model is $430. For the super high-end stainless steel variant, Amazon has that on sale for $669. If you’re in the market for a new smartwatch, now is the time to buy.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

While Apple’s AirPods are some of the best wireless earphones on the market, they have stiff competition from the excellent Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. Woot has the excellent little bean-shaped earbuds on sale for $105 right now, which is a serious deal. Galaxy Buds offer robust noise-canceling, like the much more expensive Apple AirPods Pro, as well as great overall sound quality.

For those who use Android phones, particularly Samsung’s own Galaxy line, these are a great fit for your electronics ecosystem. They’re comfortable in the ear and the price is right!

Hitman 3

The recently-released Hitman 3 is among the best entries in the franchise so far. The player takes control of an elite spy codenamed Agent 47 and has to use stealth and wits to tackle complicated assignments. If you’re looking to try your hand against some of 47’s wiliest opponents yet, you can get the new title for half-off on Xbox by using a discount code on Eneba.

If you check out with the code HITMONPLS, you’ll be able to get the standard edition of the game for $30, or the Deluxe Edition for $46.