Tips and Tricks You Need to Know for Shopping at Aldi

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If you’ve never been in an Aldi, you’ve been missing out on some amazing savings. A typical discount grocery, Aldi is not. In fact, it’s a lot like Trader Joe’s. Of course, that might be thanks to the fact that the stores are actually related.

We won’t go into all the fascinating details, but let’s just say they’re basically brothers. (If you want to know more about the history of Aldi and Trader Joe’s, here’s a great article from Slate.)

So, here’s the deal: Don’t be intimidated by how different Aldi is from your typical grocery store.

“We’re obsessed with value, and by taking a simple approach to grocery shopping, we’re able to keep our costs down,” Aldi spokesperson Liz Ruggles told PopSugar. ”

We don’t have hidden expenses because we choose to save shoppers money rather than have nonessential grocery store services like in-store banking, pharmacies, and check cashing.”

Here’s what you should know.

1. Bring a quarter.

Aldi cuts costs by making sure customers return their own carts. For $0.25, you can rent one, and you’ll receive your deposit back when you return it.

Another way Aldi saves money is to charge you for bags and have you bag your own items. It’s best to bring your own reusable bags. (You’ll be doing the environment a favor, too.)

2.  Buy the store brand.

Similarly to Trader Joes, most products at Aldi are private label. In other words, you won’t find big brand names here. Again, this is how Aldi saves you money.

3. Looking for Gluten-Free or organic products? You’re in luck.

Aldi offers a truly massive selection of natural and gluten-free foods. Look for the Simply Natural and live fGree products.

4. There’s a “Double Guarantee”

If you don’t like something, you can bring it back for a replacement AND a refund.

5. Remember they close early.

Most Aldi stores are only open until 7 or 8 PM, so be prepared to get in earlier in the evening.

6. Check the Weekly Ads.

Pick up the weekly flyer to find all kinds of great deals, from “Special Buys” to meat deals. You’ll also get the lowdown on products with freshly reduced prices.

7. Get the Aldi Mobile App.

Make shopping lists, find out what’s new, view weekly specials and so much more with the app.