This Week’s Best Deals in Electronics


What’s the only thing better than buying brand new electronics and video games? Buying brand new electronics and video games at a discount! Let’s look at what this week has to offer deal-loving shoppers. If you’re looking for a good way to spend that hard-earned money, this is one way to do it.

Razer Basilisk V2 Wired Gaming Mouse

Have you been wanting to break into PC gaming, or just upgrade your existing mouse? Now’s a great time, because Razer’s excellent Basilisk V2 is on sale. Normally $80, this precision mouse is now on sale for ten bucks off! That might not sound like a lot, but it’s the first time this mouse has been discounted since its initial release.

The discounted price is available over at Best Buy. This summer is a great time to break into PC gaming, as new games are releasing for the platform all the time.

Persona 5 Royal

This updated and enhanced version of the legendary RPG is worth every penny. You’ll easily get over 100 hours out of this game just playing through the main story. All of that would be immense value for full retail price, at $60, but you can find the massive game on sale this week. Several retailers are offering the gigantic JRPG for a discount, so scoop it up while you’ve got a chance.

This massive game follows the protagonist, Joker, who becomes embroiled in a strange world after being framed for a crime. Joker creates a band of gentleman thieves that can infiltrate the minds of ne’er-do-wells and “steal their hearts”. Think Inception, if Inception was an anime about high schoolers who change the world by being stylish criminals. This game is a trip, and you should definitely try it.

Samsung SSD

When it’s time to upgrade your memory, what you want is a solid-state drive. Hard drives are less expensive and often offer more memory, but SSDs offer significantly faster load times. Thanks to their lack of moving parts, SSDs often last notably longer than HDDs, as well. Now’s a great time to upgrade, as Samsung’s 1TB SSD is on sale over at Amazon for $30 off.

Normally $130, this massive amount of storage is a steal at $100. When you’re looking to upgrade a PC to be a great gaming rig, this is the kind of hardware you need. Fast-loading, quick-writing and cool-running, SSDs are a huge upgrade for any rig.