Spend Less, Buy More: Bulk Shopping Tips For Beginners


Big bulk stores offer lots of products that, at first glance, seem like a bargain.

Before you jump in feet first there are a few things you should know to prep for your bargain buying trip!

Never been there before?

Most big box stores like Costco or Sam’s allow each shopper to bring 1 guest. If you want to make sure shopping there will be the right fit for you, financially, find a friend or relative that already has a membership and tag along for a visit.

You’ll know right then if it’s right for you!

Make sure you have room for all your bargains.

One mistake bulk shipping newbies make is that once you’ve made those bargain purchases, where do you store them?

Setting aside space in a cupboard or set of shelves is a good start.

Besides, you don’t have to buy ALL THE THINGS on the first few trips!

Buy things you know you’ll use.

Ever buy a bottle of shampoo ad after the first use you regret buying it?

Imagine that, times a dozen bottles. While you could probably give them away for birthdays or holidays you are still out that cash.

If you find something you have used and know you like it then buy away! What’s better than one shampoo (or another thing)? A dozen (or more, depending on products) that you got for a lot less!

Do your homework, and that means doing math.

While a big case of ketchup might look like a steal, it’s up to you to do the math and see if it’s really a bargain.

Take the ounce of each bottle, not just the number. Now divide the cost by the number of ounces you’ll get in total. If that’s cheaper than the per ounce price at regular stores then hooray!

Think of it this way- price divided by item’s unit (ounce, pound, number in the package) equal or less than regular store prices!

Don’t buy loads of perishable items!

Unless you’re feeding an army RIGHT NOW don’t load up on short-lasting foods.

The exception? Plan ahead to process everything right when you get home. Fruits and veggies can be cut, chopped, canned or cooked and frozen until you need them. Meat can be re-packaged into smaller portions and frozen for use later.

Don’t obsess over non-perishables.

While there is a rush to be had over saving money it shouldn’t be at the expense of space or having perishables.

Some shoppers fall prey to buying so much in the way of canned fruits and veggies that they neglect buying fresh. Canned products, while convenient and long-lasting, tend to have additives like salt and sugars making them a less healthy option over time.

That being said on-perishables like tissues, laundry detergent and feminine hygiene products don’t expire and make great bulk buy bargains.

An even mix will make your body and your pocket-book happy!

Getting by with help from your friends

… and family, co-workers, and neighbors.

This is another instance where the ‘no bulk perishable purchase’ rule goes out the window.

Get together with others and make your list, shop and then swap extras.

Whether it’s a 50 bag of rice or a bushel of broccoli everyone will get a fair amount at a good price. Winner!

Now that you’re armed with the basics put on some walking shoes and hit those big box stores!