Shopping From Home: The New Normal


Remember shopping inside an actual retail store? Yeah, neither do we. In the time of a global pandemic, shopping online if your best (and only) option.

Even if stores were open, getting outside and risking coming down with a highly contagious respiratory illness sounds far from fun. So, what are your best options for shopping online?


Despite the pandemic, Amazon is trying to keep up with the demand for items ordered online. There is a catch, however: Amazon is prioritizing the essentials.

If you’re stocking up on groceries or other home goods, then this isn’t going to affect you. If you’re shopping for furniture, new clothes and hardware for your house, however, you’ll be waiting.

The wait time is being calculated in terms of weeks, not days, during this trying time. This applies even for Prime members, much to the surprise of people logging in over the past few weeks for a bit of shopping. Keep that in mind when shopping!


The biggest auctioning site in the world, eBay, gives Amazon a run for their money in terms of online shopping. Since you’re buying directly from sellers, who can then ship using their preferred methods, you’re not likely to run into the kind of delays a central service like Amazon is seeing.

However, that’s also not to say that you should expect your items in a hurry through eBay. While Amazon is seeing an uptick in delivery times, that doesn’t mean you should expect the same delays from services like the USPS, FedEx or UPS.

Each service will be different based on your area and the items you’re having shipped.

Video Games

One of the go-to favorites in the age of social distancing has been video games. After all, the best way to explore distant lands and interact with your friends while you’re stuck at home is by playing video games. It’s also one of the few consumer goods you can shop online and get right away.

After all, you can simply download a video game right to your system. Or, if you’re using Google Stadia, you can stream the game directly after purchasing it. This lets you get your shopping itch out right away, rewarding you with something for your money without having to wait for shipping.

All major consoles have an associated webstore. If you’re a PC gamer, you have tons of options, from Steam to the Epic Games store to Google Stadia.

You can even buy games right through Windows or Mac’s own stores!