Rack Up Major Online Shopping Savings With These Tips

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If you are one of the 96% of Americans that shop online, you need to know the shopping strategies that can help you get the best deals.

The power of shopping is right at your fingertips, but the power of user-based price changes is in the hands of retailers.

Did you know that the pricing you see is not necessarily the same pricing that someone else sees? Learn how to make sure you get the best deals every time you shop.

Shop Anonymously

We mentioned above that retailers use user-based pricing. One way to combat this is to be sure to clear your browsing history and cookies. Even better, shop anonymously via your incognito or anonymous browser option. Dynamic pricing is a strategy that retailers use to encourage you to buy now instead of later.

If you’ve ever checked out a product online one day and noticed that the price was different on a different day, it is likely the result of dynamic pricing.

You’ll get the first price every time if you shop anonymously. The idea is that retailers want you to believe the price is going to keep going up if you don’t buy now.

Switch to anonymous browsing or clear your history and/or cookies to avoid this. It’s also a good idea to log out of your email and social media sites as they use that data as well.

Abandon Your Cart

Retailer strategies can also play to your advantage. They hate when you have items in your cart and do not finish the process by checking out.

Often, they will entice you to finish the checkout process within a few days by sending you a special offer on the items in your cart, such as a discount code that is only valid for a day or two.

They do this to encourage you to finalize the checkout process. That way, everyone wins – but you have the upper hand since you just racked up even more savings.

Shopping Tools

Take advantage of the many shopping tools available to help ensure that you are getting the best price. There are many options such as Honey, Amazon Assistant, and Pricescout.

If you are not utilizing a browser extension, shopping tool or app, keep in mind that doing so is one of the easiest and best ways to save hundreds of dollars per year.

These apps can help you identify coupons and whether the item is available somewhere else online at a cheaper price.