PS5 vs. Xbox Series X: Which One Should You Get?

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The end of this year will also mark the end of the current console generation. While Nintendo got a head-start in 2017 with the Switch, their hardware isn’t exactly directly competing with the powerhouse consoles of Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo’s novel handheld is a huge hit, but it’s not exactly crushing 4K graphics at 60 frames per second.

Now, however, begins the battle for that coveted spot under your TV in the living room. Most people can afford to get only one gaming system. After all, the upcoming Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are likely to retail for around $500. That’s a lot! So, which one should you be spending your hard-earned dough on? Let’s take a look.

PlayStation 5

For the fifth iteration of their beloved console, Sony’s sticking with the classic strategy of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. The company has made a name for itself with its high-quality exclusive titles and focus on single-player experiences. The PS4 was defined by epic games like Spider-Man, the Last of Us Part II and God of War.

It seems like Sony is hewing close to that model again for the PS5. The sequel to Spider-Man, Miles Morales, will be launching alongside the new console. Another exciting game coming to the PS5 is the highly-anticipated remaster of cult favorite Demon Souls. As such, those who want to enjoy sweeping, cinematic experiences with top-notch production values should opt for Sony’s console.

Xbox Series X

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X will continue Microsoft’s newfound focus on the Game Pass service. While Sony has a competing service, PlayStation Now, it’s not nearly the robust offering seen from Microsoft.

Microsoft is essentially aiming to make Game Pass the “Netflix of Games”. The company wants to get gamers to play all manner of their in-house studios’ big releases. Heavy hitters like Halo and Forza grab headlines, while recurring experiences like Sea of Thieves keep players hooked over time.

The option to log in and try out a new game for a few levels is very appealing to some gamers. After all, full retail games are pricey at $60 a pop. Getting to spend ten bucks to try out whatever fun new games are on Game Pass is rather liberating. You can try games you might otherwise skip out on, because why not? They’re there, and you’ve already got Game Pass. Microsoft hopes to introduce gamers to series and studios they’ll end up loving.