From food to everyday items, now that St. Patrick’s Day is over you can score great deals. Head out to your local grocer, party supply store or drug store and look for markdowns.

You can expect to save anywhere from 10 to 25 percent in the first few days and even more after that.

Green Things

Stock up on everyday essentials such as paper plates and napkins. You can use these year-round and just because they are green or themed for St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll save a ton. You can even buy ahead now for next St. Patrick’s Day or use them for birthdays and parties throughout the year.

It’s easy to theme any party around a four-leaf clover or green party decorations. Think The Hulk, Lucky 50, Irish birthdays, etc. Even if you don’t have a party, you’ll still have the need for paper plates and napkins at some point throughout the year. You can use many of the green things for crafts as well. Buy now and save.

Other green things to keep an eye for include party beads, green streamers, plastic table cloths, kids party supplies (clappers, horns, etc.), lucky themed koozies and drinkware, green apparel and much more!

Food Savings

Right after St. Patrick’s Day, keep an eye out for managers specials and sales on foods popular on St. Patrick’s Day. If the store has an excess of those items that didn’t sell on or before St. Patrick’s Day, they will likely mark them down.

Watch for markdowns and sales on cabbage, corned beef, sauerkraut, green cocktail mixes and drinks, St. Patrick’s Day-themed baked goods (cupcakes, cookies, candy), baking supplies such as green cake mixes, brownies, green chocolate chips and more.

For the dry goods, some of these items will likely be moved to a clearance section. If you are not sure where that is at, ask someone at the store and they’ll be happy to tell you.

Chat up the person at the meat counter and you may be able to find out if they had an excess of corned beef or other items. They might also be willing to tell you if they are planning a markdown or sale in the next few days if it’s not already happening.