Deals of the Day: Mini-Fridge, Razer Mouse, and More


Are you ready to make your gaming room the coolest place in your house? If so, you’re in luck. Today, we’ve got deals on everything from brand-new mini-fridges to top-notch gaming peripherals. It’s time to turn your office into a perfect game station!

Kismile Mini Fridge

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to run to the kitchen between rounds of your favorite multiplayer game. When you’re in the groove, winning matches and cutting up with your pals, you don’t want to step away from your game. That’s where a mini-fridge comes in! You can stash your beverages under your desk and keep the game rolling for hours.

If you’re looking for an excellent mini-fridge that won’t break the bank, you’re in luck. Today, the Kismile Mini Fridge is on sale over at Amazon for just $208. That’s a great discount on a stylish appliance that will look right at home in your gaming room!

Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse

Gaming on a PC is a very different experience from gaming on a home console. When you buy a PlayStation or an Xbox, you get a high-quality gaming controller out of the box. When you want to game on a PC, though, you need to assemble everything yourself— that includes your controllers! That’s where top-notch gaming peripherals from Razer come in.

If you’re in the market for a gaming mouse, look no further than the Razer DeathAdder. This slick PC peripheral is a must-have piece of hardware for any serious gamer, and you can get it on sale from Amazon today for just $19. That’s a great discount from its MSRP of $30!

Nintendo eShop Gift Card

Is there anything better than getting a gift card for less money than the card itself is worth? It feels like you’re buying free money with your money. You can do just that today if you go to Eneba and buy a $70 Nintendo eShop Gift Card and use the promo code Nin70. That’ll drop the gift card’s price to only $55, essentially netting you a “free” $15 if you already expected to spend $70 or more on Nintendo games.

That’s enough to buy a brand-new game and still have a few bucks left over for downloadable content or maybe a small-scale indie game that costs $10. Or, if you’re feeling particularly savvy, you could try to snag two games on sale for $35 and make the most of your gaming budget!