Last Day! Free $79.95 Protalus Insoles for Military and First Responders

Protalus insoles aren’t the typical insoles you see at your local drug store. They improve alignment, support, and comfort with every step. These insoles normally sell for $79.95, but if you are a first responder or member of the military, they will send you a pair for free. Today is the last day to claim this free offer, so act now.

Protalus Insoles

Protalus has six different insoles created for different types of shoes and functions. The insoles bring the corrective properties of custom orthotics along with their patented cushioning system. They are designed to give your ankle the proper alignment, which increases your comfort in every step.

Many insoles rely on just cushioning and arch support, neglecting proper alignment of the body. By adding this third layer of technology, Protalus insoles help provide a stronger, more comfortable, flexible, and confident step. Their patented tri-Planner technology increases your body’s efficiency and reduces pain caused by misalignment.

Their insoles have been scientifically proven to improve ankle alignment by 31% compared to generic brands. Over 100,000 customer reviews prove these aren’t your standard insole.

Get Your Free Pair

Today is the last day for this special offer, so head to their giveaway page and verify your service. The offer is open to all verified military and first responders. Once you have confirmed, they’ll send you a one-time code to get your free pair of Protalus Insoles. You’ll select the type you want and your size and receive your free pair by mail.