iPhone 12: Will Apple’s Newest Phone be Worth it?


Every year, Apple fans can look forward to a new iPhone showing up and wowing them. Even though 2020 has been a crazy year, Apple will still be dropping a new iteration of their stylish smartphone. Will it be worth the price, though?

Today we’re taking a sneak peak at the iPhone 12. When is it coming out, what will it cost, and will it be the right phone for you? Let’s dive in and find out!

When Is It Coming?

Apple is often tight-lipped when it comes to exact release dates. As such, we can’t say with certainty when the iPhone 12 is coming. However, if history is anything to go on, the phone is likely to be released in either late September or the month of October. This is the most common release window for flagship smart phones, and would be following history.

However, this year is weird, as you surely know. The pandemic is still ongoing, and, while some companies have showed little signs of it slowing them down, others have been ambushed by the situation. While this is frustrating, it can’t be helped. As such, the phone could be delayed from the normal release window. Stay tuned for updates.

What Will It Cost?

If history is anything to go by, we can expect the iPhone 12 to cost around $1,000 for the Pro model. The Pro will likely have a larger screen, and more processing power, than lower-cost versions of the phone. Likewise, the phablet sized Pro Max will probably come in around $1,200. Some leaks have suggested a model called the iPhone 12 Max will be alongside these phones and will cost $750.

Yet other leaks have hinted that the phone may come in 5G and 4G configurations. The 5G-enabled version of the phone would likely be the more expensive of the two. Some suggested prices of the 4G versions would have the 4G Max at $650, a steep discount from the 5G version.

Will It Be Worth it?

Whether the phone will be worth it or not depends on your opinion of 5G. If leakers are to be believed, the iPhone 12 will be the first 5G-enabled iPhone. As such, those looking for the cutting-edge of phone technology will likely want an iPhone 12. If your current phone is still cutting it for you, though, then you can probably skip this generation.

It’s likely that the iPhone 12 will be more iterative than revolutionary. That said, the introduction of 5G could convince many to upgrade.