Got a Job Interview? Here’s How to Save Money on a Professional Outfit


Now is a great time to look for a new job. Many places are hiring, and you could try to negotiate for wages that are attractive for your experience level. Of course, you’ll need to look like the candidate they want before you head in for a job interview. For some people, this is the hardest hurdle to overcome. Nice clothes can be very pricey, and one of the reasons you’re looking for a job is to make more money.

This might sound like a catch-22, but there is an out. You can save money on smart, professional outfits by following some of these simple tips. Before you go Google “job posts near me,” make sure you’ve got your hands on an outfit that will impress a potential employer.


Nothing beats the low, low price of free-ninety-nine. Your older siblings, parents, or grandparents could have some formal clothes you could borrow to use for an interview. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you wear the same size as your family member before you borrow their threads. The only thing worse than not showing up in a formal outfit for an interview is showing up in an ill-fitting outfit.

Ideally, this will be an outfit that is in good condition and that doesn’t look too outdated. If all that’s available is a very old-school dress or suit that doesn’t fit modern design sensibilities, you could consider going with one of our other tips instead.

Secondhand Clothing Shops

There are many secondhand shops that sell discounted clothes–and we’re not talking just thrift stores. Some of these stores, like Plato’s Closet, specialize in designer brands. If you can scoop up a designer suit in your budget, you might just impress a potential employer.

Sometimes these shops can still be pricey, though, owing to their name-brand clothes. However, you could also use these types of stores to fill out your closet after you’ve landed the job to keep up with the office’s dress code requirements.

Thrift Shops

The “old faithful” of the discount world is the ever-present thrift shop. Every town has one, and they’re full of old clothes you can browse. While these racks can sometimes be picked over, they offer some of the best deals you’re going to find on business clothes. Just be ready to spend some time searching for articles of clothing in your size.

Try not to be too picky; just stick with something that will make you look professional for your interview. Hopefully, you find something affordable with these tips and land that job you’ve been dreaming of. Good luck!