Google Home or Amazon Echo: Which Is the Better Home Assistant for You?

Buying into a full-home assistant suite is a serious dedication of time and money. Making your house into a smart home will require lots of research and well-tuned purchases. You want to make sure you pick a home assistant suite that will work with the kind of tech you want to outfit your home with. The two largest names in the game are Amazon Echo and Google Home.

While Apple is technically in this race with the HomePod, we’re leaving them out of the discussion for now. Google and Amazon are far and away the leaders in this race, so we’ll be focusing on them today. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo devices are the favorites of tech-savvy users the world over. The well-known digital assistant Alexa powers these devices, allowing you to use your voice to handle most tasks. If you want to hear a song or band, just tell Alexa to play it. Running low on something in the pantry? Tell Alexa to order it. What’s the weather like outside? Ask Alexa.

These are only a few of the options you have with a smart home. Alexa is popular because her interface is easy, she speaks clearly, and the software understands people well. No matter how you phrase a question, your Echo device is likely to understand what you mean. Additionally, Alexa can be given different voices and accents to suit your tastes.

Google Home

Much like Amazon Echo, Google Home is a robust smart home system that allows you to use your voice to control most of your home’s tech. Unlike Amazon’s Alexa, however, the Google Assistant is a bit cold and clinical. Many have noted that this is either a pro or a con, depending on your preferences.

Google Home has direct connectivity to systems like Nest, though both Amazon and Google smart hubs work with many of the top brands. However, if you’re looking for one that has the distinct edge in this department, Google owns more proprietary smart home brands.


Pricing between the two is actually quite comparable. Whether you’re looking for an Amazon speaker for brand recognition or a Google speaker for more integrated tech, you’ll be spending around $100. Both speakers are quite solid, putting out great sound quality and functioning well in most home scenarios.

Really, neither has a distinct edge. We’d recommend just picking the one you want based on which look you like better, or whether you like Alexa’s more natural-sounding speaking voice.