Gaming Savings Just in Time for Black Friday


There’s nothing quite like the rush of holiday shopping. If you’re like us, you love saving money, and staying home while you do it. Let’s take a look at some of the best gaming deals on the horizon for Black Friday to help you make the most of your holiday shopping.

The Last of Us Part II

The moody, introspective sequel to The Last of Us, The Last of Us Part II picks up in the aftermath of the first game’s explosive ending. Without delving too deep in to spoiler territory, it’s safe to say things go very wrong for our heroes and a lot of people meet a gruesome fate because of it.

While the game takes a long, sober look at the consequences of violence, it also invites the players to become more and more inventive with how they dispatch the not-remotely-nameless foes they encounter.

If you missed this gem during its Summer launch window then you’re in luck, because it’s on sale for $30 now over at Amazon. That’s 50% off the retail price, making this a steal for the money. It’s easily one of the finest games on the PlayStation 4, and a fitting swan song for the aging console.

Ghost of Tsushima

Another recent masterpiece on the PlayStation 4, Ghost of Tsushima follows a samurai in a fictionalized version of Feudal Japan who has to battle foreign invaders to reclaim his home.

The game has received some enhancements on the PlayStation 5, though it still runs well on the older system. If you’re looking for what an Assassin’s Creed title might look like set in Feudal Japan, then Ghost of Tsushima is the game for you.

The game is currently on sale for $40 at Amazon, $20 off of its retail price. Not bad for a game that only came out this past year.

God of War

What can be said about 2018’s God of War that hasn’t already been said better by another publication? Following Kratos, the long-running protagonist of the series, the game sees the Spartan transplanted to Midgard, swapping out the Greek Pantheon for Norse Mythology.

The game is sweeping, epic, emotional, and a downright blast to play. If you love Norse Mythology, cinematic video game storytelling or just bashing monsters with a giant axe, this is a game you need to try. It’s, astonishingly, just $10 right now over at Amazon, making it a steal for the amount of content you’re getting.