Gaming Deals: Best Way to Buy a Nintendo Switch in 2020


The pandemic and the ensuing supply chain disruptions it caused have been felt strongly all over the consumer electronics industry. One notable way it’s being felt is in the case of the Nintendo Switch, the red-hot console that sports Animal Crossing and Mario Kart.

Those looking to pick up the extremely popular system have been treated to out-of-stock notices and sky-high markups ever since the coronavirus upended everything.

So, what’s the best way to buy a Nintendo Switch right now? Here are a few tips to help you pick up the elusive Nintendo console.

Switch Vs. Switch Lite

The Switch is a hybrid console, one of the first of its kind, that allows the player to use it as a home console or a handheld. When you want, you can take the system with you on the go. At home, you can put it in its dock and play it on the big screen. However, the full version of the Switch is currently very hard to find. Even if places do have it in stock, it’s often at a huge markup.

However, the smaller cousin to the Switch, the Switch Lite, is much easier to find. It normally retails for $200, which is a solid $100 less than the “big” Switch. It has some caveats compared to its big brother, though. It’s physically smaller, which is good for some players, but this means that it has a smaller display. The Switch Lite is also unable to connect to the TV: it’s locked in handheld mode.

Also, unlike the “big” Switch, it doesn’t have removable controllers on the sides. It’s a single unit, much like the Game Boy Advance its design echoes. As a single player’s system, it’s great. However, it’s not ideal if you want to play couch co-op games with your pals.

Finding Deals

Now, as for deals you can find on the Switch Lite, you’re looking at prices that are close to $200. Sadly, as much as we wish we could find discounts, right now it’s a struggle to find MSRP on electronics.

Thankfully, Nintendo has announced that supply lines should be back to normal, and supply should meet demand soon.

This means sites like Amazon and Newegg, as well as physical retailers, should be stocking plenty of the system soon. If you can wait a few weeks, you might start seeing the system bundled with popular new games soon.