Deals of the Day: AirPods, Star Wars Legos and More


When it comes to deals, this is the place you want to be. We’ve got your best daily deals right here, and we’re going to show you just where you can save money on these awesome products. Let’s get right into it: today’s best deals include AirPods Pro, Star Wars Legos, and more besides. Let’s take a closer look.

AirPods Pro

When you’re looking for excellent, top-quality true-wireless earbuds, one name looms tall above the pack: AirPods. The first major true-wireless earbuds that made a huge splash in their release year of 2016, AirPods remain the golden standard for the wireless audio world.

If you’re looking to up your audio and get something truly revolutionary, you’re looking for Apple’s latest design, the AirPods Pro. Featuring a wireless-charging case, silicone eartips, enhanced sound and noise canceling all in one sleek package, the AirPods Pro are the real-deal. This is no cheap imitator: this is the reigning king.

Right now, you can get a refurbished pair of AirPods Pro from Woot for the low price of $160, a huge discount from their MSRP. That’s $89 off the list price. If you don’t want refurbished electronics, no worries: Amazon’s got the AirPods Pro on sale for $219, still a considerable savings on the excellent little wireless earphones.

Star Wars Legos

It’s okay to stay young at heart. And it’s okay to play with Legos as an adult, especially if they’re these awesome Star Wars Legos. Right now, Best Buy has a huge selection of Star Wars Lego sets on sale for 20% off, a considerable savings on the good-lucking and fun-to-assemble sets. Most notable among the sale is the vehicle sets. You can scoop up a Sith TIE Fighter for $64, which makes an awesome piece for your desk.

If you’re looking for something a bit more heroic, you can get Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter for just $24, which features Anakin and R2 in the Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor Anakin is seen piloting in the opening of Episode III.

Nintendo Switch Joy Cons

The Switch is a great game console in pretty much every way but one: the analog sticks of the Joy Con controllers are prone to pretty intense drift issues. If you’re sick of your old analog sticks drifting, you can have the controllers sent off for repairs. In the meantime, though, you need another pair to play your games, right? Well, right now you can get select Joy Con sets from Wal-Mart for $10 off, bringing them down to $69.