Daily Savings: Laptops, Wireless Earbuds and More


A ton of laptops are on sale this week, as well as some excellent wireless earbuds. Let’s save some money!

Razer Laptops

A slew of Razer laptops are currently on sale. If that name sounds familiar, you probably know them from the gaming-focused PC peripherals they also make. The company is also known for making pretty great gaming laptops, too. That being said, you pay for that power: even with this sale on, the company’s laptops are going to cost you.

Right now, Razer is running a sale on their “Blade” series of laptops. These high-end gaming machines often retail for thousands of dollars, but some are currently marked down by as much as $500. Considering they’re all packing Intel i7 processors, they’re seriously heavyweight gaming machines.

The most affordable of them is the base 15-inch Razer Blade, which is on sale for $1800 currently. The Pro edition of the 17-inch is on sale for $3500, while the Studio edition of the 15-inch is currently $3800. Act fast if you want a top-of-the-line gaming laptop for a great price!

MacBook Pro

If you’re looking for a new laptop but don’t want a Windows machine, you’re not alone. The Mac operating system is the second most popular OS in the world, right behind Microsoft’s juggernaut. The new MacBook Pro line with Apple M1 chips is currently on sale over at Amazon. This lineup of new MacBooks is receiving glowing reviews from around the net, and is considered one of the best first-generation releases Apple has put out in years.

The M1 chip offers a lot of power to the new MacBook, giving it the heft of a Windows PC with the style and artistic focus of a Mac. Far from content playing second fiddle to Windows, Apple is angling their new slate of laptops to gun for Microsoft’s top spot in the marketplace.

Right now the base Space Gray build of the new MacBook is $60 off at Amazon, bringing it down to $1,239.

JBuds Air True Wireless

The stellar JBuds Air True Wireless headphones are currently on sale for $40 over at Amazon, which is 15% off their base price. These excellent little earbuds are a perfect intersection of size and sound quality. Sporting crisp, full sound, these earbuds will impress you for their price point. If you’re in the market for true wireless earbuds and don’t want to break the bank, these are the ones you want.