Creative and Silly Ways to Save on Greeting Cards

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Let’s face it, many of the greeting cards you send or give to someone get thrown in the trash. We’re all guilty of it. It’s just one of those things that unless it has some sort of sentimental value to us, after a while we’ll clean out the drawer that became its home and finally throw it away.

That’s exactly why you shouldn’t spend a lot of money on greeting cards. Let’s look at some creative and downright silly, but brilliant ways to save on greeting cards.

Re-Gifted Greeting Cards

I absolutely love this one as it’s the gift that keeps on giving, year after year. If you have a best friend, sister, brother or someone close to you that you exchange cards with year after year – this one is for you!

Instead of each of you buying a new card every year (or maybe multiple cards), re-gift the same greeting card every year to one another. Pass the card back and forth each year adding your special message for that year. The card becomes a living history filled with memories from every year.

You can start this off by digging up the last card you received from the person for your birthday, holiday or special occasion. When their birthday or the same event comes around, simply re-gift the card to them with your own special message written to them.

Blank Greeting Cards

Giving someone a card with a special message is much more meaningful if the message is written by you. Buying blank cards are cheaper than cards where writers have been paid to come up with words for you.

Write your own message and it will not only mean more to the receiver, but you’ll spend less money on the greeting card.

Print Your Own

If you have a printer, you can buy greeting card paper or kits that will include greeting card paper and envelopes. Often the kid will come with access to an online builder that will help you design your card. One pack will likely last you the entire year or longer and will save you a ton of money.

Use e-Cards

Although paper greeting cards get thrown away or lost over time, online greeting cards do not. They live forever and the receiver can go back to the card to brighten their day anytime they want. There are a ton of different types of e-cards and you can get as creative as you want!

Some e-greeting-cards will even let you make cute little videos of yourself and your loved one. I just love getting and giving these as they can be absolutely hysterical and brighten my day creating or receiving a digital greeting card.