Cloud Backup Services Can Save More Than Just Your Files


Between photos of you and your friends, music that you’ve downloaded, plus anything you’ve created on your computer or phone, you’ve likely got plenty of time and effort invested in your digital footprint.

What would you do if your phone, laptop, or computer was lost or damaged, though?

One day, all of those files could just vanish. You’d lose precious memories and valuable digital media that might be difficult to replace. Thankfully, there are services available through online data security companies that offer a way to keep your files safely backed up on the cloud.

What Is the Cloud?

“The cloud” refers to the robust network of servers all around the world that creates the backdrop of the internet as we know it. When something is stored on the cloud, it just means that there is a copy of the data in question at an off-site server instead of saved directly to your hard drive.

Generally speaking, cloud backups are significantly safer than the file on your phone or computer. This is because server rooms are typically not going to see a lot of traffic, and no one is going to break into a server hosting building to try to steal their hard drives. In addition, data saved on the cloud can be backed up to multiple devices, meaning even a freak accident that took one server bank offline would be unlikely to delete all of the information you’ve got stored.

Cloud Services

Several companies offer cloud backup services. Sometimes these services specialize in cellphone files. For instance, when you restore your cellphone from the cloud, it usually brings along your contacts and pictures. People who are creatives, however, might want something even more robust.

People who create movies, art, music, or similar files would do well to invest in a cloud backup service. Imagine what you would do if you spent dozens of hours working on a project only to lose it when your hard drive becomes corrupted! Accidents, theft, and simple hardware failure can strike at any time, so don’t risk losing your work.

Saving More the Just Files

If you’ve invested any amount of time into work that is stored on your computer or laptop, a cloud backup service could save more than just your files. In a literal sense, it could save you time and money by keeping you from needing to start from scratch with a project you’ve already finished.

Remember, a cloud service won’t help you if you’ve already lost the files. Make a cloud backup today so you’re protected tomorrow.