Apple Watch SE: is it Worth the Money?


When it comes to smart devices, Apple knows what they’re doing. After inventing the smartphone with the iPhone, they invented the tablet with the iPad. Then, they revolutionized wearable tech with the Apple Watch, a smartwatch that connects to your phone to make things that much more interconnected. However, they’re generally rather expensive: the Apple Watch Series 5, for instance, retails for over $400.

There’s now a less pricey option for those looking to wear one of Apple’s stylish, highly customizable wearable pieces of tech. The Apple Watch SE, which is retailing for $309, is one of the best devices the company has ever released. Is it worth the money? Easily. Read on to find out why.

The Specs

The device comes in two sizes, a large 44mm face and a small 40mm face. Both look great, and the only real difference is whether you think the big face looks good on your wrist or if you prefer a smaller piece of technology.

For people with bigger hands and wrists, the 40mm might look a bit small. For those with more petite features, the 44mm face might seem oversized.

The Apple Watch SE sports a 1.78-inch Retina display, a gorgeous screen that looks great under almost any lighting conditions. The glass is Ion-X strengthened, meaning it’s unlikely to crack under the pressures of everyday activity.

It comes in three colors, a brushed silver, a stylish gold, and a muted gray. Visually, it’s tough to distinguish the SE from the Series 5 or Series 6 watches.

What’s Different

The SE is cheaper than the Series 5 and Series 6 watched by a wide margin, and that means it’s sporting some different features. Unlike its big brothers, the watch has no always-on feature, and the screen spends more time black than active.

When you raise the watch or turn it to face you, it will activate to show the display.

There is also no EKG or blood oxygen tracking on the Apple Watch SE. For fitness-minded folks, this might be a deal-breaker, but the average user might not notice the missing feature.

What’s Good

Notably the watch sports the square design and rounded edges of all of Apple’s wearable tech. This is great: it not only looks eye-catching, but it also avoids catching on your clothes or surroundings.

You’ll rarely feel the watch impacting your daily activity. Rounded watches aren’t nearly so comfortable, often biting into your wrist or overhanging and bashing into furniture.

In short, the watch is excellent. It may be the best deal for a wearable you can buy this year. We can’t recommend this watch highly enough if you’re in the market for a new smartwatch.